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Welcome to my adventure

Welcome to my travel and electric vehicle adventure! I'm a solo traveler on a mission to explore the world and document my journeys behind the wheel of my trusty Tesla.

My passion for both, travel and electric cars has led me on a quest to discover all the amazing sights, sounds, and experiences this world has to offer. I share my adventures on my YouTube channel, where I try to release a new episode every week. Each video takes you along for the ride, showcasing breathtaking landscapes and thrilling experiences, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. I also introduce you to fascinating people, immerse you in diverse cultures, and treat you to delicious local cuisine.

My Blog offers a deeper look into each episode and season, as well as all the interesting stories, people, and moments I encounter along the way. So buckle up and join me on this journey. Let's hit the road together and be part of the electric mobility revolution.

See you on the road!"